The World According to Joey and Jorge: Let’s Star Wars Party!

One of my favourite pastimes is organizing events/travels – hubby has learned to trust my decisions when it comes to planning our trips (although he complains that I spend way too much on hotels) and family events (yes, I planned our own wedding from scratch). So I was very excited to have not one, but two major events to plan for earlier this year: Joey’s 7th birthday and Jorge’s baptism.
Jorge was born less than three months away from Joey’s birthday so we decided to have just one celebration (less expensive, not to mention, less of a hassle to plan on our end, and for relatives/friends to troop all the way to the event venue).
I was quite busy the first half of the year but thankfully, the church was a no-brainer: we stuck with St. Francis in Mandaluyong since it was where Joey was baptized (and where my parents got married back in 1979). We were such last minute planners we actually registered at the church one week before our planned date. Hahaha.
I just had to get a sailor-inspired baptismal outfit for Jorge, similar to the one I wore for my first birthday.
Jorge was probably the only baby who didn’t cry when the holy water was poured on his head.
Jorge with his godparents (we’re missing a sister-in-law and two friends from this pic) – our list of godparents, made of close friends and family, is short. But these are the people Ipe and I know we can call even in the middle of the night for no reason whatsoever.
Nunez-Cruz family.
With the Salvosa family
Nunez girls.

The baptism finished shortly after 12nn but Joey’s party was at two, so we herded everyone and treated them to snacks at Mary Grace while waiting.
Eighty years between them. And you can tell my lola likes the little boy who looks so much like her favorite apo (ahem, me).

Anyway, planning the party was the hard one. We initially thought of doing it at Shakey’s (since everybody eats pizza, the place was near the church, and it was more pocket-friendly) but Joey wanted a Star Wars/Lego party and Shakey’s only allows Justice League/generic themed-parties. I didn’t have the heart to disappoint the little brat so we looked for a place that would allow us the freedom to have our own theme.
I didn’t realize so many kids were celebrating their birthdays! We started looking at venues quite late – practically two weeks before Joey’s birthday and all the places we wanted were booked up until end of February, and we ended up getting a late March date at Kidzville.
This way please!

What I loved about this place was that while it was in a mall (Podium), said mall was not very crowded. Plus, since they weren’t affiliated with any particular company, we could very well have whatever theme we wanted. Google was our friend looking for Star Wars stuff – we got plates, tumblers, and forks from an online vendor over at Sulit. We would have ordered other party stuff from Singapore but we were afraid they wouldn’t make it before the party (not to mention, a single standee was worth Php2,500!!!).
If you have any idea on how meticulously I planned our own wedding, then you probably wouldn’t be surprised that I dragged the hubby to Divisoria for a few weekends to hunt for Lego stuff. Unfortunately, we didn’t find a single party store with Lego materials although we did find some fake Lego toys from China. I did get some cute table markers for the party.
I was very busy in the weeks leading up to the party but hubby was very hands on with the details. He designed the entire invite, including the text (of course), while I got those cute clips to hold them up on the table.

Since it was a Lego-themed party, we requested the venue if we could use black, red and yellow balloons and we added a balloon package so that the room wouldn’t be so bare. Hubby selected Star Wars songs which we played from his Mac throughout the party.
We selected the characters on Joey’s chocolate cake – Luke Skywalker, Yoda, and Han Solo, atop a blue/black sky filled with stars. Jorge’s cupcakes were also Star Wars characters.
Loot bags for the kids! We added one Lego (the ones made from China, hahaha) toy per bag to make it more aligned with our theme.

As with the cake, Kidzville also had an in-house caterer, The Creamery Catering, so all we had to do was pick the menu for adults (I got the seven dishes rate). The kids’ menu was fixed though, consisting of spaghetti and chicken and snow cones.  Food was really good, from appetizer (assorted canapés) up to dessert (brownies)! I actually went back for seconds, and ate some more of the leftovers when we got home.
Snow cones! I think the adults enjoyed the snow cones more than the kids did!
Yummy canapes! I think I ate about ten of these (and more at home)!

Of course, Joey had to wear a costume but hubby and I couldn’t find one (or to be more precise, we didn’t have time) so we bought some fabric from Carolina’s, a light saber from Toy Kingdom, and some brown boots from Payless. Good thing our yayas were quite adept at hand-stitching everything and were able to finish his cloak before the party.
The yayas and hubby labored over this costume, based on instructions from Youtube.
Joey’s cake from Baked Twinkles was very cute and delicious!
Chewbacca cupcakes!!!

We originally thought of just having parlor games but decided at the last minute to hire a magician – one of the best decisions about this party! It would have been quite boring if the kids only had to play several rounds of Trip to Jerusalem! We also got a photo booth although I guess photo booths are quite passe already that only our yayas went for numerous shots. Hahha!
The magician playing his tricks.
The grown-ups weren’t spared: they had to play games too!

One of our main games was the costume contest. I wanted to go as Queen Amidala but wasn’t able to rent a costume but I was so happy that the kids came in costume.
Yes, our friends Eya and Eldric even had R2-D2, C3PO costumes made for their kids! Look at R2! Of course he won first place!
With our Varsi/journalist friends. No event of ours will be complete with this bunch. Thank you all for coming!

Some tips in party planning:
  • Plan in advance – so you can get the venue you want, and sometimes, even haggle for better prices.
  • Stick to your budget, but be reasonable. Hubby had this unreasonable expectation of having a themed-party for only Php 20,000 but I put my foot down. Hahaha.
  • Use the internet – it’s the best tool you have. We got our plates and utensils from an online store and our playlist and invitation decors from various websites.
  • Work out your guest list – as with any event, the number of guests you have largely determines the amount you’ll eventually have to shell out. In our case, we already had a big family and a lot of common friends so our guest list revolved only around those two groups.
  • Invite lots of kids! This is something I learned from my parents – when throwing a party for your kid, know that it is their party, not yours, so invite people they would be happy to be with. When I had my debut, my parents allowed me free rein and only reserved two tables for their own guests so for Joey and Jorge’s party, we invited Joey’s friends and his cousins, as well as kids of our friends.

I can’t wait for our next big event: Jorge’s 1st birthday in November!

Pinto Art Museum

Learning of the Pinto Art Museum is nothing short of serendipitous – I was actually googling for Meteora, a Greek-themed house in Tagaytay which you can rent for overnight stays in the city when I discovered that the owner of Meteora also owned a house/gallery/museum in Antipolo. 
Dragging hubby to Antipolo than to Tagaytay was easier, given that it’s just about an hour’s drive from our house. 
Getting there was a breeze and soon, we saw ourselves in front of this white-washed arched entrance:
“Pinto”, literally means door in Tagalog. The museum sits on a one hectare property which also houses the Silangan Gardens (the private sanctuary of the owner, neurologist and St.Luke’s Medical Center Chief Medical Officer Dr. Joven Cuanang).
A huge garden to the right immediately greets guests upon entry, with its own private chapel (left structure) and gift shop/office (right).  I was going to take a photo of the nearby building and pool but then I realized that it was the house of the owner already so, I didn’t out of courtesy. 🙂


The museum was built back in 2001 as a storage space, and eventually evolved into a gallery/exhibit hall for contemporary and modern art. Majority of the artists whose works are on display in its halls are from the province of Rizal (of which Antipolo is a part of). 

In the main gallery, you will find the sprawling Karnabal occupying prime space, a very vibrant 144 x 480 inch painting by the Saling Pusa art group – undoubtedly the centerpiece of the museum.

The Karnabal. It dwarfs anyone standing beside it. I love the unified chaos – which is actually what you get when you go inside a carnival (or probably more appropriate, a perya, the local version).

I was informed by one of the staff that the entire place was designed by Antonio Leaňo. Building such a place is obviously a mean feat but I was even more amazed when he told me that Leaňo was not an architect. I guess he just went with what felt and looked good to him and the results were marvelous. 
The place is Mediterranean-inspired, full of white walls, high ceilings, arched porticos and wide windows that allow the fresh mountain air to circulate around the entire property. I just wonder how they are able to keep the rains out.
Each structure in the complex can also be considered an artwork, with its strategic and symmetrical use of picture windows flanked by wooden beams and frosted glass. Stones discovered during the building of each “house” were left as a natural decoration. To me, it gives the place an even more appealing charm (yes, I am getting redundant with each sentence).
That’s hubby standing under one of the paintings in the main hall.

One of my favorite paintings, Uyayi kay Paraluman by Karen Flores, perhaps due to the overall feeling of serenity I got just looking at it.

Karaniwang Araw by Emmanuel Garibay. Quite accurate in its portrayal of what a normal day is like for a vast majority of Pinoys – playing/watching basketball, spying in neighbors (which is what I assume the couple is doing), the husband enjoying his pastime and the wife looking after the kids. Add in a backdrop of religious tones and yeah, it’s a typical day.
There were just too many art pieces I liked that I sometimes ended up staring at some of them for a long time before moving onto the next.

This artwork caught my eye because the artist used a very interesting medium, especially given that her subject was an altar, and the product is an eerie compilation of images that seemed lit from within.
Hallow by Nona Garcia, using x-ray and light box.
Himala by Juanito Torres
The next gallery we went to had several wire sculptures by Stephanie Torres which I really found interesting. The man sitting on a wooden swing in the middle of the room set against a huge picture window with fluffy white pillows inviting the guests – the word that comes to mind is relaxing. 

Oblivious wire scuplture, with Twilight by Jim Orencio in the background.
A separate loft is dedicated to works of balikbayan visual artist Mark Justiniani, whose oil on canvas work, Sessions with the Messiah serves to greet visitors who enter his loft.

I am partial to blue and yellow, and set amidst a room full of interesting yet muted paintings, the Sessions with the Messiah just pops and catches the eye.

My favorite among Justiniani’s works on display, Kubling Sayaw, an oil painting on board.
Moving from one building to another is also a visual feast, as each are separated by lush gardens; I liked it that while the plants are obviously maintained, you still get the feeling that they are growing as they would in the wild and the garden doesn’t feel too contrived.
Overlooking the Siraulo Cafe, a Bizu-run cafe inside the sprawling complex. We didn’t get to eat here since we wanted to beat the traffic back to Manila but if you’ve eaten at Bizu, then select offerings from their menu are served here.
I would love to have something similar to this in our future house, with a hammock thrown in.
The next building we went to contained the more thought-provoking/controversial art pieces in the entire museum.

Sanay hindi na inalay sa manlilinlang ang unang tagay by Guerrero Habulan. I immediately thought of a woman who gave her virginity to a man who later left her. You?
The sunken church, We are here together forever until the world will be on the verge of sorrow, by Constantino Zicarelli
Perhaps one of the more, if not the most, controversial art works in the entire museum is this depiction of the University of Santo Tomas’ Main Building swarmed with rats. The fact that it was made by a UST alumnus made it all the more so. 
Tauntingly titled Like rats it returns to its true form by Constantino Zicarelli.

Future Violence by Constantino Zicarelli. Perfect timing of these three kids, sitting underneath that very graffiti-inspired piece just as I was taking a photo.
Beautiful picture windows such as this are artworks in themselves. This one overlooks the new wing of the museum.
Our last stop was the newest addition to the museum, which looked perfectly set against the clear sky. I felt like I was somewhere in the Greek islands.

This place would probably look just as good, if not better, at night time, illuminated by incandescent light.
Spacious and airy. Both ends of the building have a loft. One, I assume, is used as a bedroom.
That wooden door under the stairs holds another set of works portraying women.

I forgot to take the name of this set of works but it portrays women in various conversations.
Hubby, as usual, would not take my picture and I didn’t have my trusty tripod with me so I did this:
I shoot you, you shoot me? Nah, he wasn’t taking my photo but of the view. I thought it hilarious that we were both taking pictures at the same time.

There’s one hidden room near the side entrance of the new building which should not be missed. The staff mentioned that the good doctor gave Leaňo this room and allowed him a free hand in what to do with it. 
Simply titled Forest, the room mimics a bamboo forest, with large basins serving as ponds with boulders seemingly floating in the air. The floor is littered with fresh leaves – I had to ask the guy if they change the leaves regularly coz the entire room smelled of freshly cut grass.
Our last stop was the Gallery Shoppe found at the entrance of the museum where art pieces, souvenir items, and other curio are for sale.
Lutang by Mark Justiniani, is another one of my favorites.
I know practically nothing about art (styles, movements, etc) and I never attended classes on art appreciation but I love looking at them (getting envious in the process – dear parents, how come I was not gifted?), so I cannot give you any useful critique or interpretation other than describe them to you and share my favorites. But I would definitely recommend making the trip to Antipolo to visit this gem of a place.
Stairway to Heaven?

*Some tips: 
If you are driving, take the Ortigas Avenue all the way to Ortigas Extension, passing by the Cainta Junction and on to Tikling. Proceed uphill until you reach the Ynares center (should be on your left); take a right turn on the first street to your right and go straight until you reach the gate to Grand Heights Subdivision.
If via commute, take the jeepney (or FX) going to Antipolo and get off at the Ynares Center. From there, you can take a tricycle to Grand Heights.
The Pinto Art Museum is located on the first street from the gate. The address is 1 Sierra Madre, Grand Heights, Antipolo City. It’s open from 9AM to 6PM, Tuesdays to Sundays. Entrance fees are Php150 for adults and Php75 for students. Senior citizens get 20% discount.
They have a facebook page where they regularly announce upcoming events and exhibits, and for those interested in renting the venue or having pictorials there, the contact information is also listed. 

Only Avene Touches my Skin (at least for now)

I said it before but I’ll say it again – I have really sensitive skin. Lately, the condition’s gotten worse so I had to go to a derma and she recommended that I try Avene.
It’s a French brand that uses spring water from the founts of Avene (hence the name)and it’s recommended for people with really sensitive skin. I got the cicalfate, a repairing cream for my skin since I now have scaly skin that’s so dry it’s actually breaking and bleeding in some parts, from my derma (I think it’s for prescription only) but the rest can be bought at Mercury drugstores. 

Hubby bought the soap for me. I used Aveeno (a Johnson and Johnson product) and while it’s still a good one, it hasn’t been able to keep up with my increasingly sensitive skin so for now, I’m using the Avene one.  And I don’t know for how long, but if you purchase a regular priced item, you get a sample sized facial essence for free. Lucky me got two! A good deal and also what I need since I ran out of SKII and I have yet to retrieve my Shu Uemura goodies.

Anyway, so far so good. After just a few days, my skin is healing already so I can’t wait to also grab their lotion and lip balm. And if results are as good, then I’m definitely a convert. Prices are quite steep though – the Cifalcate is Php1,000 for 1.35 Oz (it’s a little bigger than the smallest toothpaste tube) and the soap is Php695, a tad more expensive than Physiogel (another product I recommend for those with super sensitive skin) but definitely cheaper than SKII (which isn’t even sold locally; the nearest place would be in HK). 

But it’s definitely worth it than enduring itchy and painful skin.

Food Trip: TWG Tea Salon and Boutique

If there’s one word I can associate with the TWG Tea Salon and Boutique in Greenbelt, I would say opulent. Or luxurious. Or extravagant. You get my drift? 

Just a few steps from the Greenbelt 5 entrance, there is no mistaking the place: gilded gold fixtures and shiny glass facade and inside, marble flooring and wood panels, with rattan chairs and tables covered in crisp white linen. Colorful tea cans abound in the “bar” in various sizes, some as big as beer barrels! The entire space is divided into two – one for the dining area, or the tea salon, and the other half where you can simply browse through their tea collection and well, shop. 

I’m not particularly fond of tea (this fondness should be somewhere tuck away in my genes, as both of my parents love drinking it and it was a permanent supply in our kitchen pantry) but I do love to eat and love my macarons to bits so I was dying to see if this place would meet my expectations.

Anyway, as luck would have it, there were no waiting lines outside (it was 2PM when we got there, shortly after lunch but a bit too early for tea time, which are the busiest hours of the salon), and we got our table in less than five minutes.

I must commend the attention to detail – the menu was a thick booklet which came with a history of the establishment and there was an extensive tea list to choose from. And did I mention – the silverware was to die for! Also, while the place was undoubtedly new, the staff seem well trained.

As I said earlier, I’m not overly fond of tea and have no particular preference so I was a bit at a loss what to order. I only knew I hate fruity things (and that goes for perfume too) so I said I wanted something floral but not too sweet. I was given three cups of dried leaves and flowers to choose from, based on the smell. Hubby was also given several options. In the end, I settled for Sweet France and hubby chose the 1837 Black tea.  

We each got a pot and hubby and I wanted desperately to have the tea sets for our house. So beautiful. And so expensive. I read somewhere it’s more than Php20,000 per pot!

Well, moving on to the food, which was my main reason for coming here (weird, isn’t it, that I go to a tea salon not so much for the tea but for the food?). We initially thought of ordering the set menu but we weren’t that hungry so I just ordered lamb stew:

…while hubby got the chicken en brochette:

The lamb was absolutely delicious – perfectly done. It was flavourful but not overpowering, and so soft each morsel would kind of melt in my mouth. I didn’t get rice to go with it but I got a freshly baked bun, piping hot, which I dipped in the sauce. Hubby’s dish was just also good although I think I got the better end of the deal. Haha.

After that, hubby and I went about the boutique to look at stuff. Of course, I couldn’t go home without taking some macarons with me so I got a small box to munch on later.

Well… as much as I would like to say that the macarons were as heavenly as their food, I was a bit disappointed. Texture-wise, it was good but the flavors didn’t really make my mouth water, and I would have to say that Chez Karine’s macarons still taste better (I will write about that some other time).

Overall though, hubby and I went home with very satisfied tummies and will definitely be back

One Very Long But Fun Road Trip

It’s been a crazy year for all of us girls so we decided that to celebrate our joys and sorrows, we’ll do something extra special this year – nothing drastic, but something that would actually require us to spend an entire day doing nothing. 
Which almost didn’t happen. Almost half had to cancel, and I was nursing a three-day old fever which surprisingly disappeared on the day itself (although I had to down three tabs of bioflu which left me groggy for most of the day and still stuck with super clogged nose and impaired hearing as I type this). 
Anyway, after a short drive on a traffic-free Saturday, we finally reached Chateau Hestia, a rustic little garden restaurant/deli serving European specialties. 
I swear, I’m a sucker for these places – I find the secluded beauty very romantic. 

We munched on these toasted bread with pate.
We had a pretty heavy breakfast on our way to Tagaytay but still, we ordered enough food to feed an army. 
We started off with Ragu Alla Bolognese – a rich tomato-based pasta with stewed ground beef and basil, and Say Cheese – a thin crust pizza with nothing but a rich mix of mozzarella, gorgonzolla, pecorino and lots of other cheeses.The pasta I’m not so fond of (but then, I was never a big pasta fan though I can cook a mean one), but the pizza was surprisingly good. I was expecting the mix of various cheeses to be too rich and overpowering but I really liked it. It melted perfectly in my mouth and for once, I didn‘t even need hot sauce with my pizza.
For our main course, we feasted on Osso Buco Milanesea traditional Italian dish made of beef shanks cooked in tomato sauce and served with mashed potato and buttered veggies, and Crusted Salmon – fillet salmon flavored with lemon, pepper and paprika. I didn‘t really like the salmon dish as it didn’t taste fresh and the fish had a leathery feel to it, and quite hard.
Clockwise from top: Crusted Salmon, Ragu Alla Bolognese, Osso Buco Milanese, and Say Cheese pizza
 Up next – our favorite part of any meal: dessert!!! 
What to order was really a no-brainer when we saw that they had gelato. Our dilemma was which flavors to get since we were too full to order one each. We finally settled on Turtle Pie and Pastillas de Ube. 
My verdict? Love. My friends were unanimous in choosing the pastillas de ube, with its creamy texture and rich ube flavour but I would have to go with the turtle pie, which, I was told is their best seller. I loved the play of milky goodness with the grainy feel of the nuts. I know ice cream is supposed to melt in your mouth but I just have to stress that this is melt-in-your-mouth goodness.  

So good was the gelato that I found Mauro’s Cioccolato Souffle kind of bland although I did love the chocolate filling.

And what better way to end our happy little meal than with tea?  I miss tea with honey. It reminds me of my childhood – when my mama and papa would make us all drink chocolate drink mixed with Aunt Sue’s honey. Back then, we didn’t use sugar a lot – instead using honey to sweeten our milk, juice, and practically whatever drink we had.

Chamomile and Green tea with lemon, mixed with a tiny jar of honey.
 All that food left us wanting to stretch a bit before we go to our next stop, so we browsed a little in their little deli – a sort of Santi’s tuck in the middle of a lush garden. It had all those cheeses and cold cuts, and imported snacks for sale, as well as various wines. They also carry Le Petit Paradis bath products – the cashier told us Derek Ramsay’s parents own this brand and are friends with the owners of the Chateau. Anyway, it was my first time to see banana shampoo and conditioner so I was really tempted to try it but I decided to get the rose variant because I am so predictable (in case you’ve forgotten, I have a long-standing love affair with roses).
 My girlfriends from two companies ago. Aren‘t they so fasyown? Hahaha!
Well, being the one wielding the camera has its downside so I only have few decent photos of myself but here’s one of our “family” pics:
Our next stop: one of my favorite places this side of the Philippines – Sonya’s Garden. I‘ve been away from this place too long. Have I really been that busy?

Little set-ups like this makes this place so special. There is nothing contrived and the place is both homey and ethereal to me.
 Products used at the Spa can be bought at the Country Store – and I was so in love with the smell of gugo used on my hair spa treatment that I had to get a bottle for myself. 
It was getting a little bit dark by the time we finished our pampering treatments so we decided to have snacks at Bag of Beans before heading back to the hustle and bustle of Manila. 
Leah and I agreed to split a serving of piping hot apple shepherd’s pie – hitting two birds with one stone actually, with one for our main course, and the other dessert. Hahaha! The apple pie was divine but I prefer Mom and Tina’s shepherd’s pie, which, hand’s down, is the best I’ve tasted so far, here or anywhere.


And I just had to have a cold glass of melon shake in the chilly weather. Heaven!

 Here’s to almost a decade of friendship! Merry Christmas!

Daily Fashion: Ever New, Diva and Lush

I promised myself I won’t go shopping (I’m saving for a work-related trip later this month plus I’ll be going to the beach when I get back in Manila), but who can resist these beauties?

Anchor earrings and red enamel bangle from Ever New (one of my new favorite stores)

A few posts back, I mentioned discovering this Australian accessories store, DIva at Market Market and it’s also fast becoming my favorite store. They have all sorts of colors and really nice rings! Plus, their stuff are really affordable. Design-wise though, I still prefer the almost whimsical aesthetic of Accessorize.

We don’t have fall, but, I just had to get these fall-inspired items.

I’m  allergic to most scents, and many times, when I pass by Lush, I have to fight an irrepressible urge to sneeze. But sometimes, I just push my luck and enter the store, sniff around, leave, and come back to repeat the process. I do this to test my allergies – and so far, I am good with their Figs and Leaves, Rose, and Dirty soap variants. Which is good, coz I actually love them – they smell really nice (even hubby loves the Dirty soap – says he still smells himself even at the end of the day) and they don’t make me itch. It’s a big bonus too that they’re all handmade and natural, flown in all the way from Japan. 

I wasn’t such a big fan of their solid shampoo/conditioner (they lather nicely but I couldn’t stop sneezing whenever I smell my hair, which is like, all the time, right?) so I tried the liquid ones (and yes, I sniffed them many times before finally settling on these variants). The result? Love them both. The Rehab shampoo is minty  and it feels and smells cool! Plus, it’s easy to rinse and my hair is not so itchy anymore. The American Dream conditioner is heavenly: sweet vanilla smell and my hair feels so soft afterwards.

From top left: conditioner, shampoo, Dirty soap and Rose soap

They’re a bit pricey though, but given my super sensitive skin and nose, I’d gladly shell out money. I can’t exactly work properly when I’m sneezing and teary-eyed and itchy all the time, and no work=no dough, right? 😀


Spent half of my Saturday hanging out with the girls from the office – first stop: FOOD! We decided to hang out at Shangri-la Mall to avoid the payday crowd and partly, since we met up nearby and we were all hungry. 

Assorted sushi, bacon asparagus, rice, peppered crusted chicken

Ended up at Sumo Sam, where they serve steaks and Japanese food. It’s not authentic Japanese or steak, but rather, “Filipinized” to suit our taste buds. Quality is rather sub-par  – it might be just me, but I found the food a little too greasy.  And they don’t really taste too great – I was disappointed with the rice bowl since the plain rice tasted better. And the chicken was bland. It was supposed to be peppered but I could not even taste a pinch! Prices though are relatively cheap – our bill came at just around Php 1,500 will bottomless iced tea for us three girls.  But of course, when you’re hungry, everything tastes great and we finished off just about everything. 

Anyway, had some photos taken in front of the mall’s Christmas tree (never mind that we looked like lost promdis and that I promised I wouldn’t be caught dead posing in a mall – hahaha).
Oh, and to cap off our day, Bretty and I decided to move to Greenbelt where we ended up buying matching shirts from Zara:

Can’t wait for our next outing! xoxo!

Taylor Swift in Manila

Yes, after months of speculation and cancellation, the concert is now an official go!
I’m not exactly a big fan of Taylor, I like her songs well enough – they’re easy to sing, honest, and relatable, although highschoolish (then again, she is quite young). My favorite would have to be Come in with the Rain and White Horse off her Fearless Platinum Edition album.
She sounds good in the recordings, but I have yet to hear a good live performance. I guess now’s my chance to hear her sing live. And I don’t even have to familiarize myself with the songs as I know practically the lines to every song. 😛
Tickets can be bought online at Ticketnet, although I think they are not yet selling right now.  

Old School

My mom used to change our stereo/component system like, every two years when I was a kid but I never really inherited her fondness for these kinds of things. I’m perfectly content with my iPod and my cellphone radio. 
But, I could not resist this cute old-style radio:
Saw, fell in love, and took home this darling from Dimensione for only Php1,099! It’s small (about 7 inches long and 4 inches high), it’s bright red (it comes in black and oak finishes too, but hubby wanted the bright red), and it sounds nice, considering the price. And, it has in ipod dock! Plus, it can also play on four AA batteries so it’s perfect for those rotating brownouts.

You might say it’s kinda too small – but I think it’s perfect. I don’t really want a boom box, just a functional radio and this one would fit right into our cozy condo unit. 😛

Reminds me of the old radio we used to have at my parents’ old house. It was old when I was five (I think mama inherited it from her own mom, so it would have been around 15 yrs old then), so it’s probably 40 yrs old by now? Wonder where it is though.It would be interesting to put it on display – my mom used to hoard antiques from my lola’s house, sneaking one item after the other to put on display at her own house. My lola, who keeps an entire room/wardrobe full of antiques, doesn’t really realize/care about their worth.  Maybe I’ll go there one of these days and “borrow” her old tea set which I know would cost a fortune if bought at an antiques shop. 😛