2013 may have been a very bad year for our country and for a lot of people (judging from the news feed on my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts), and in some ways, it was for me as well. But there were a lot of good things that happened to too, several items I was able to cross off my bucket list, which makes the year that was quite an awesome one, overall. 
  • Went on two out of the country vacations this year. Hubby and I have clashing schedules (it ain’t easy planning trips between a workaholic journalist/professor and a workaholic accountant in operations) so I’ve pretty much toned down my travel goals – go on at least two domestic and one out of the country trip during the year. After years of nagging the hubby, we finally went on a trip to Europe. Granted, the latter half of it I spent touring Belgium by myself and I wasn’t able to make the most of the trip since I was like a fat walrus, but eating Laduree macarons on the steps of Versailles, going on a cruise down the Seine River on my birthday, hearing mass at the Notre Dame, and time-travelling to the middle ages in lovely Bruges more than makes this mini-vacation one of the best I’ve ever taken.
  • This year too, we were able to revisit Cebu, if only for the weekend, which is a memorable place for us since we had our honeymoon there (and Boracay) seven years ago. We also went back to Bohol, one of my favourite spots in the country, and saw the old churches before they were destroyed by the devastating earthquake a couple of months ago. 
  • And as a bonus? I also travelled with two of my friends to Hongkong. I haven’t travelled out of the country with friends in three years and as much as I love our little family unit, it’s also nice to travel with friends, or even by yourself (which is practically what I did in Belgium this year, and in the US last year).
  • Bought a new car. Honestly, I was thinking of getting a new car in 2014 (along with having baby #2), but since baby #2 made an early entrance, then the car had to be bumped up a bit as well, out of necessity. See, our old sedan would have been too cramped what with four of us now (six, if the nannies tag along; nanny #2 will be reporting for work tomorrow). And you all know how much stuff a baby needs when travelling. It’s like bringing your own house.
  • Started my collection of designer shoes. And added a couple of little trinkets to my bag/wallet stash. This is not a hobby I’m particularly keen on growing (hello, money doesn’t grow on trees), but it doesn’t hurt to splurge every now and then. 
Bought my first Giuseppe Zanotti, Repetto, and French Sole (and I sneaked in some Longchamp rubber shoes). FIghting the urge to get a pair of studded Valentinos – see? Shoes are my weakness.

  • Made it to our family reunions this year. See, I’ve always had what I call the holiday curse since I was a kid. I was always sick during either Christmas or New Year! Last year, I spent the day before Christmas in the emergency room (and another day prior to that), getting shots for a wound on my foot and literally unable to walk because of an infected boil on my leg.
  • A new baby! I’m not as young and as strong as I used to be and I had a very lousy nine months, but seeing his cute face, even scrunched up while crying, erases all the pains. I now have two adorable little boys – and life is perfect. There are no words to describe this kind of happiness, or maybe I just become inarticulate all the time in the face of such joy.
Okay, so baby #2’s in a not so good mood here but this is the only photo(as of now) I have of the two of them together.

Funny, I was thinking 2013 was a bad year but just coming up with the list above suddenly made me realize how fabulous and blessed 2013 had been. Here’s to wishing 2014 tops it!

Baby # 2: Jorge Emmanuel

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was kind of caught unaware. I was actually almost done with my first trimester and had it not been for a trip to the emergency room, I wouldn’t have found out (probably at least until my tummy started showing). I mean, I was busy at work, and my health was (and still is) a big work in progress (thyroid, heart and back problems, among others – hubby even has a running joke that I have a lot of factory defects that he should probably return me to my parents and have me repaired)…
Looked like his older brother’s ultrasound photo.
Better late than never was our motto – did our last minute baby shopping on my 37th week… and didn’t finish until after I gave birth.

…and I wasn’t really planning on having a baby this year. I even planned in January for two out of country trips in 2013 which ended up being right smack in my second trimester and made a really long list of to do’s for the year.

Meet our latest bundle of joy: Jorge Emmanuel.
Yet God had other plans for me and so baby # 2 arrived just in time for the holidays. It was a bit of a bumpy road considering that my migraine attacks this time around were worse than when I was pregnant with Joey, and there were days when I just literally couldn’t get up from the bed. Not to mention there’s this mountain of work I have waiting for me when I get back. 

But you know what? 

Every worry, every pain, every sleepless night, every dent in my poor anaemic wallet, were nothing compared to the joy of seeing our precious little baby boy. Every thing just became worth it.

Georgie’s first ever photo.
My three boys.
On a partially unrelated side note, I honestly can’t comprehend people who say women should be given a choice (regarding abortion), and those who say that only someone with ovaries get to voice an opinion over this matter. They call themselves feminists but who are they kidding? Isn’t that kind of thinking kind of marginalizing the other sex?

Anyway, I am pretty sure I have functioning ovaries somewhere and even if I don’t, here’s my opinion nonetheless.  
And I say, what choice are they talking about? There is NO choice. Because it will always be my children over me. Any other decision to the contrary is just selfishness masked under the (misguided) concept of female empowerment and  (twisted understanding) gender equality, and (false) concerns over women’s health. And let’s not talk population control, shall we? Because arguing down that line is just plain b—s—. And it annoys me no end that the most of the people who are loud proponents of giving women these so-called choices, have not even experienced having a child. So no. Only women, and men, who have had the privilege of not just bringing life, but also raising children, into this world have the right to an opinion. 

The World According to Joey: Christmas Party 2013

I have been focused on the new baby for quite some time now that I feel Joey resents it sometimes – staying up late for the baby,feeding him, bathing him, and just overall fussing about him. I still do stuff with Joey but we couldn’t go out anymore on our regular weekend bonding, at least until we get a new yaya for his baby brother.
Joey is also slowly becoming independent; I almost cried when he told me one day that maybe when he’s nine years old, he won’t sleep with us in our room anymore coz he won’t be needing me. I could only reply back to him that I hope he’ll always need his mom and wipe away small tears (okay, so maybe I am a little bit of a crybaby). 

Anyway, today was his school Christmas party and I was debating yesterday whether to join him or just let him go on his own.

Me: Joey, do you want mommy with you on your Christmas party?
Joey: What do you think, mom? (Trust me, he’s getting good at this kind of manipulating conversations)
Me: Well, I don’t know. You tell me.
Joey: Mom, what were the parents of my classmates doing in the Christmas party last year?
Me: Uhm, they went to the party with their kids?
Joey: Yes!
Me: So I guess I should go with you?
Joey: Mom! Of course! I would be the only kid with no parent.

Singing 12 days of Christmas. Oh, and those green pants? He was the one who picked them. The other time I let him pick a pair of jeans at the Gap, he picked a skinny pair. Guess I have a budding little fashionista? 😛
I unfortunately woke up late this morning (which is becoming a habit now, since I sleep around 4am when the baby finally gets exhausted enough to go back to sleep) and I was thinking of just sleeping in and letting his yaya go with him to the party. But I couldn’t bear to think of breaking Joey’s little heart so I told him to go ahead and I’ll catch up with him at school. 
And snob that he is, getting pissed off that his classmate holding the mic was singing off-key
When Joey came on stage to perform with his class, his eyes were busy scanning the audience – his reaction when he saw me was priceless. His face lit up and he started shouting “my mommy’s here!” It was quite amazing and humbling to realize that this little kid still needs me and that my presence means all the world to him. 
Joey made sure to have his turn at the face painting booth – he still hasn’t gotten over his Angry Birds obsession, as you can see above.
Sigh. Kids. They grow up too fast. I just hope that ten years from now, Joey would still need me.

The World According to Joey: Boybie Gets a Little Brother

Whew. It’s been a long time since I posted a Joey-centric entry, not that he has stopped spewing out quotable quotes and whatchamacolit. It’s just that I’ve been too busy lately, and my back has been acting up very badly that I couldn’t even sit through more than an hour to blog lately.
Having baby number two wasn’t planned but we’ve always floated around the idea to test how Joey would react:
At first…
Me: Joey, would you want a sister or a brother?
Joey: Mom, I want a sister, so her toys would be different from mine. 
After a few weeks (and after finding out I’m pregnant with another boy)…
Joey: Mom, when the baby comes out, it’s gonna be Christmas right? So he’ll get gifts like me. 
Me: Yes…
Joey: But he’ll be too small to play with his gifts right, so I can play with them while he’s still small and he can have them when he grows big?
Me: (okay… he’s not quite seven and he’s already planning on how to take advantage of his little brother, albeit in a cute and innocent way, hahaha!)
Joey, being a good-natured kid (and I’m not just saying this because I’m his mom; he’s generally nice, except when he’s sleepy and becomes an all-around brat), has accepted that he’ll be a big brother and will have to look out for his brother. But he does have kiddie worries:
Joey: Mom, what if the baby’s cuter than me? What if he’s not kulit and listens to you?
Me: I’ll still love you the same.
Joey: But mom, what if the baby loves you more than me? 
Me: Mommy won’t change. I’ll love you both the same.
Joey: But mom, you don’t know that. What if you’re lying? How do you know you will love us the same way?
On my way to work one day…
Joey: Mom, the baby’s always with you even when you’re working and I’m not! He gets to stay with you! Why can’t I go with you?
Of course, with a baby coming, we will have to make adjustments to our sleeping arrangements and trust Joey to come up with a clever idea. 
Hubby: Joey, when the baby comes, do you think you can sleeping in your own room?
Joey: Dad, I have a better idea. Why don’t I sleep here with mom and the baby and you can sleep outside on the sofa? 
Me: (can’t help but laugh – take that, dear hubby!) 
Joey has also taken it upon himself to be our little health watcher and of course, one of his main concerns is the hubby’s ever increasing weight.
Scene # 1:
Joey: (upon opening the fridge and finding out his dad has eaten almost all the chocolates from Belgium) Mom!!! Why does daddy have to eat everything in this house? He’s going to die of fatness!

Scene #2:
Joey: Mom, why is daddy so fat? When is he going to start being thin?

Scene #3:
Joey: Mom, I don’t want to be as fat as daddy is when I grow up.

Scene #4:
Joey: Mom, why are you eating the chicken skin? Mamu (my mama) and lolo (my papa) told me they’re not good for you and will make you sick. Don’t eat it. 

Scene #5:
Me: (woke up in a coughing fit so bad I almost threw up on our bed)
Joey: Mom, don’t worry, I’ll take care of you. (Proceeds to rub my back while I get over my cough). Let me know if you need anything okay. 
Me: (touched and teary-eyed, never mind that five minutes later, he was snoring beside me).
Joey has a lot of memorable quotes everyday that I’m quite sorry I didn’t write them down the moment he said them. Now I can’t remember a lot of them, which is sad. 😦 I promise to be a better blogger next time. 


The World According to Joey: Kinder Graduation

I took the day off to attend Joey’s recognition day at school since hubby couldn’t make it. The little brat couldn’t be happier – he kept asking if I would really be spending the day with him and if he can sit beside me in the auditorium.
Kindergarten students were performing a 60’s number so Joey wore a plaid shirt. The grade schoolers wore sailor costumes.

The ceremony was quite loooonnnnggg – as in more than three hours long (plus an hour of waiting) due to the fact that all students get awards (something I seriously don’t understand – why give out multi-discipline awards to make up for their not being in the honors list?). And every batch had to perform a dance/song number. The kids were quite antsy halfway through the program, running around the place. And even before the academic awards were handed out, even the older kids were shouting and running.

Joey got the silver medal for the 2nd year in a row.

Anyway, sooo proud of the little boy. He kept saying he’s only number 2, but I told him, two is more than good enough for mom. There’s always next year.

Since it was just us (it was hubby’s first day at work plus the hubby had a dinner party to go to after; plus I had to rush home to get some work done), boybie and I just stuffed ourselves full with some comfort food. I promised the brat we’ll celebrate properly together this weekend. 

Banofee pie at Banapple – our favorite cake.
Joey’s comfort food – pancakes with lots of maple and chocolate syrup!
My go-to dish at this place: herbed chicken

Congrats little kid! You make mommy so proud!

The World According to Joey: The Elf and The Dormouse

I wanted to make up to Joey for all the nights I’ve been spending late at the office so I decided that for this year, I am going to do my best to help him win the oral interpretation contest. Fyi, he lost last year – he was absent for two weeks prior to the contest and was burning with fever on the day itself that he forgot some of the lines (he had to start from the beginning).
That, and the fact that his costume left a lot to be desired. He recited the Three Little Kittens and we just got him an old black shirt and a pair of black leggings from the girls’ section at the mall. I was actually shocked when I saw how some of the moms went all out with their costumes.   

So this year, I vowed that I will make Joey’s costume myself, even if I have to spend sleepless nights labouring on it.  Armed with that resolve, I bought yards of felt fabric and huge buttons and proceeded to make an elf costume. Oh wait, I cheated bit – I didn’t sew the t-shirt and the shorts (I ran out of time and the pants were left half-finished). 

My hard work paid off – Joey took home the silver medal. 😀
Ganito na ang mga bata ngayon, tablet na ang libangan habang nagaantay

Hubby and I were rediscovering our love for Shakey’s so we took Joey to one near our home to celebrate his win and gorged on old-time favourites from our college days:

Oh dear Mojos, how I’ve missed you so!

You would have thought an army was dining out that day but no, it was just me, hubby and the kid. Oh well. Diet plans blown.

The World According to Joey: Lego Love

For several years, Joey’s obsession was Cars – you know, Lightning McQueen and his friends. We got him almost all of the die-cast models as well as a car he can ride and drive, and fitted his bed with McQueen sheets. 

Fast forward a couple of years – Joey saw the Heroes robots from Lego and started dropping tiny little hints that he wanted the red robot. And the yellow one. Well, we waited and waited for the yellow one but the toy stores never offered it up for sale so Joey had to make do with orange. 

Those robots were just the beginning. I think it was actually my fault. I found the robots too expensive (Php1,000 plus per robot) that I thought I should direct his attention to cheaper Lego toys. So I bought him a speedboat with a nice little Lego man. 

And from there, every month or even twice a month, whenever we go on our mommy/baby bonding/malling, we would get a new Lego toy.
The boybie’s growing collection – at least those I got to take a photo of before they were broken up into little pieces and merged to create something else. Or lost. Or given to neighbors as I later found out when I was making an inventory. The bottom two are what started it all – he saw these at a toy store and wouldn’t stop subtly begging that I ended up buying two. Top left and right were the most difficult in this set – I had to spend thirty minutes to build each, no thanks to Joey’s constant hiding of part.
Joey was also able to collect all the Shell Ferrari Lego cars and Lego people – thanks in part to the help of his tito and tita, and hubby’s long-drive to/from work. We were able to complete these in less than a month after its release.

Of course, we didn’t limit ourselves just to the cars/robots variety. We soon set our sights on the Build City stuff. We actually got a police station set but apparently, Joey had given it away or something. At least we still have the house:
One of our favorites – this house can be disassembled to make two other house models.
I didn‘t want to spoil Joey too much, so sometimes, we would only get a Lego man but he has also accumulated a lot of them (each car always comes with a Lego man) that when hubby wanted to buy those display cases which can hold eight men – I told him, you would have to get four of those. Of course, we didn‘t get four – each case was priced at Php1,700 and I would rather buy real Lego than just the cases with that money. Maybe some other time. Hahaha!


Lego men – most of them from Ninjago spinners (the spinners/training sets are listed in my inventory as missing – Joey confessed to giving them away as well) and from all the police cars/sets. Do you also spy Buzz Lightyear? 😀
A couple of months into his obsession, Joey discovered Ninjago. I don’t really know how but he just came up to me one day and asked if we can log onto YouTube and look for Ninjago shows. And then he discovered they’re being shown on Cartoon Network.  He started asking me to buy him spinners after that – kind of like Beyblades but with  Lego Ninja on top of the spinner.

This Ninjago obsession is the longest so far, so much that when I spied this airship during my trip to the US last October, I knew I had to get it. Never mind that the box alone filled half of my luggage (I ended up having three luggages on the way back to Manila – from one when I initially left). By far our most ambitious project yet. It took me and hubby an hour each to finish it. It’s composed of two individual jets which you can link together into one gigantic airship:

Anyway, since Joey also likes books (he can now read but his patience to do so needs work), I got him a Lego book…
Seems daddy enjoyed this more than the kiddo
 …which led to his new obsession. Goodbye Ninjago, hello Star Wars! We ended up watching all the Star Wars movies because he wanted to see the ships and the robots. To jumpstart his collection, we got him the Deathstar. Now, he’s asking for the planet and ship from Naboo, and of course, wants all the Star Wars stuff he saw at Hobbes and Landes.

Joey likes wearing watches (hubby and I have probably a dozen so he got this habit from us), but not just any watch. It has to be a Lego watch.Top: Buzz Lightyear Lego watch from HK Disneyland; Bottom: Ninjago watch, from Barnes and Noble at The Grove, Los Angeles.

Well, Joey’s now looking forward to more Star Wars Lego this year, and a trip to Legoland Malaysia. For now though, we got him this Lego head to keep his Lego bricks organized. Hubby has had enough of accidentally stepping or sitting on Lego bricks at home.

The World According to Joey: 061212

Whew, it’s been quite a while since my last Joey-centric post and I know most of you are probably wondering what the little boybie’s been up to. Well, he’s still as cute as ever and his antics even funnier/more touching, depending on his mood.

On a date with my little man at my favorite comfort food place

A few weeks ago, Joey couldn’t go to sleep and would keep on crying. Turns out, he and his yaya watched a local show where a man and a couple of kids were hungry and stealing food.
Me: Joey, stop crying. It’s only a TV show.
Joey: But mom, do people really go hungry? Are they going to steal food?
Me: Yes, a lot of people go hungry and don’t have money to buy food.
Joey: But mom, what if they keep crying and their food runs out?
Me: Then they will steal food.
Joey: I don’t like people going hungry. I don’t want them to steal my food.
Me: Ok…
Joey: Mom, let’s give them food okay?
It was a tearful exchange and I’m quite proud that Joey is starting to think of people other than himself (actually, he’s quite selfless, often letting other kids play his toys or take his food in the playground). Last Christmas, hubby and I took him on our Christmas Eve food-giving and he helped us pack the food I cooked and distribute them to the settlers outside the BSP (how ironic, that these homeless people would find temporary shelter right outside the gates of the Central Bank).
I promised the brat we’d do a food-giving event later this month or next.

At Timezone for our mommy-Joey bonding last weekend

I took Joey to a toy store a couple of weeks back, with a stern warning that we are only to get one Lego box and not the most expensive one. Knowing that Joey always does as per our “deal” I had no worries as we stepped into the store.
I immediately saw that the biggest Lego boxes they have weren’t that expensive at all and were around the price I was actually willing to shell out so I told Joey to pick anything that he likes.
To my surprise, Joey shook his head and said no, and proceeded to point at the SMALLEST Lego toy in the store. I was so touched I took the biggest box and offered it to him. But he still said no.
Joey: Mom, maybe you can just buy that for me on Christmas coz it’s expensive.
As for me? Well, I was so proud of my well-behaved kiddo that I got him the big box and the small box he chose. J And just so you know, Joey has never EVER cried at a toy store, even when we go there to buy toys for other kids and don’t get anything for him. How many moms can claim their kid behaves like Joey?


Last week, Joey suddenly started crying and hugged me as we were getting ready for bed.
Joey: Mom, you’re not so young anymore and you might die soon.
Me: But Joey, I’m not as young as you but I’m still young.
Joey: Mom, when people go to heaven do they come back to earth? And if mommy’s good and you’re good, we’ll go to heaven and see each other there.
Me: No, Joey, when people die they stay that way. And when they go to heaven, they stay there forever.
Joey is learning to love my favorite dessert!
Joey: (sobbing even more) Mom, what if I can’t find you in heaven?
Me: Don’t worry, we’ll find each other in heaven.
Joey: What does heaven look like?
Me: It’s a very beautiful place. It can be what you want it to be.
Joey: I don’t want it to be anything else. I want it to look like our home. 
I started crying after that. Don’t you just wish grown up could think like kids sometimes, when everything is much simpler?
Joey: Mom, when I grow up, can you send me the pictures of me and my toys you have on your computer and your iphone?
Me: Okay. But why?
Joey: So that I will remember and I will show to my kid.
Me: Why? Because you’re going to miss it?
Joey: Yes! And take pictures of yourself and send it to me too. Promise mom?
Ahh, so sweet.

The World According to Joey: Graduation

I was torn between dreading and anticipating Joey’s graduation. Mind you, he’s only in nursery (or was, since it’s already vacation) so it shouldn’t have been a big deal (especially for me, since I dropped out of prep school). I’m not really competitive – I believe in competing with yourself but of course, if I have to choose, then I would naturally choose to land on top, right? I wanted the same for Joey.
So imagine our happiness when hubby and I got home and saw his graduation program waiting for us on our dining table and right there in the academic excellence awards portion was our kiddo’s name (and my dismay that the graduation was at 2PM – which meant it would start at 3 and I had already planned on joining our teambuilding)! I was half-expecting it, since I think I only saw ONE test paper returned with a less than 100 mark the entire year. Imagine?!? I suppose he could have been first if not for his absences; if my count is right, he’d been absent for more than a month. Yeah, allow me to gloat – I’m a proud mom after all.

Me: Joey, you’re second!
Joey: Mom, second is better than first because two is greater than one. (never mind that there’s a third honor, haha)


Joey also had a dance presentation for the program and since hubby and I suddenly found our Saturday morning free, we decided to take his costume up a notch by buying a fresh garland. Which ended up costing more than his actual Hawaiian costume. On a side note, I love flowers – in fact, my uber-hyper (emphasis mine) sensitive olfactory senses can only tolerate light floral scents (fruity ones make me sneeze BIG TIME). I was almost giddy just looking at the shops at Market Market. 
Anyway, the boybie put up a big fight regarding the garland. In fact, when he learned hubby and I were going to Market to buy flowers, he was adamant that he won’t be wearing them. Good thing some of his male classmates had garlands too (the plastic one, so Joey’s still the best in costume for me, ha!) and he wanted to wear them after all. Talk about peer pressure. Hahaha.

The program was quite long – I think the school gave out special awards to practically everyone so as not to offend them (I would have preferred that they didn’t – it just gave the kids a sense of entitlement that they will always be rewarded no matter what, and real life isn’t like that). Plus, there were too many intermission numbers for my taste. In short, it took longer than necessary and I was developing a migraine sitting there in 35º C heat. 
And Joey was beginning to throw a tantrum since they called out all the special awards first before the academic ones. In an anti-climactic move, they called out the awards in descending order, rather than the opposite. Hahaha. 

I still haven’t figured out what to give the brat. He’s asking me for a cellphone (oh, how times have changed! Imagine a five year old asking for a cellphone! Thank God he didn’t specify iPhone – I think he’s okay with just an ordinary one). What do you think?

Mommy, I’m Five!

The little boybie brat turned five a couple of days ago and since I liked the cake we gave my friend Leah for her 30th birthday, I decided to have a personalized cake made for Joey as well. We had two celebrations for the kid, one for each side of the family, since our house is kind of small and because of well, scheduling conflicts. The cake arrived just in time for the 2nd one, which was also a sort of joint one with my mama, who celebrated her birthday a day after Joey.

Had to move it to the sofa so it can be beside it’s inspiration (yes folks, the inspiration for the topper is Joey’s McQueen car and favorite stuffed toys, sans Panda). Cake by Bake Happy.
Look at the details! Everything is edible kids!

I must tell you, this cake might look dainty but it was darn heavy! Like five kilos heavy. Hahaha. My arms ached just carrying it from my desk down to our office building’s driveway last Friday. But it was all worth it, seeing the look on Joey’s face. Priceless. I told him he couldn’t eat it yet since his lolo and mamu aren’t due to arrive til Sunday and he spent almost every minute guarding the cake.

Even the colors are spot on

The “models” with the cake topper (which Joey had to “protect” from his guests – the kids in our building, who began to apportion the topper amongst themselves to Joey’s dismay)
The “miniature” with the inspiration

The lunch gathering was supposed to be just us famly but Joey broadcasted to all his friends that he was “throwing a party at 2PM” so we got surprised when a bunch of kids started knocking on our door. Imagine Joey’s face when they each wanted to get Angry, Cow and Mcqueen to themselves. Another priceless look. Joey immediately uninvited them, saying, “I was just joking when I invited you guys.” Hahaha. Good thing they were game enough to just settle for the trees and mountains on the side of the cake.

Joey holding up Angry

Oh, and this was Joey’s 2nd cake. As I said, he had two celebrations. His first cake was a simple one from the neighborhood Goldilocks. 😛

Birthday cake # 1

Joey making a secret wish

And since we barely get together anymore, had to take this opportunity to snap some photos with the lolo and mamu.

And as a birthday gift, I decided to add to Joey’s growing Lego collection (technically, we bought him his birthday gift weeks back, but he forgot that already, so I had to buy another one). Good thing my sisters in law were thinking along the same vein and got him some Lego too. And some new cars. Spoiled brat alert. Haha.

*You can have your specially designed cake too – check out Bake Happy’s Facebook page at or blog