Barb and Mark: 012412

Went to Barb and Mark’s wedding a couple of days ago – our first wedding for 2012 and I must say, it’s one of the most fun weddings I’ve ever attended for a number of reasons:
  • The couple had a raffle draw! I’ve never attended a wedding that gave out gifts/raffle prizes to their guests, but the couple actually gave a cell phone and some other items. Too bad we didn’t win.
  • Itchyworms played. A surprise from Mark as the band is Barb’s favorite. I’m not really familiar with their music but hey, who says I can’t have a good time? Especially since they played mostly familiar OPM tunes.
  • Great food. This is the third wedding I’ve attended which was held in the same venue and had the same caterer (the caterer must have a tie-up with the venue) in less than a year – Blue Leaf and K by Cunanan Catering, respectively. Knowing beforehand that the venue was Blue Leaf, I already made sure not to eat too much as I was expecting the same caterer and I had loved every dish they served at last two weddings I attended.

  • Their motif was yellow! This is the first wedding I’ve ever attended with this motif. Yellow is my favorite color (ok, fine, I’m also drawn to pink, powder blue, green, red and white, but this one is at the top of my list) and I had wanted this for our own wedding. But hubby put his foot down saying he didn’t want the entourage to look like walking bananas (yes, his exact words) so now I’m stuck with that dream. Hmm. I’m actually thinking of having another wedding celebration just to live out my dream wedding. Ha!
Personalized car plate. How cute!

Not sure what this is called- a “picture tree” maybe? Whatever it is, it’s one of the little details about the wedding that I liked
Yellow flowers! And I die of envy again.

They gave each of us tiny bells for when we want the couple to kiss.

I love the color yellow. It makes everything so sunny and bright and cheerful.

We munched on these while waiting for the reception program to start. Lookie! Yellow jelly beans and yellow personalized M&Ms.

My plate. Loved the roast beef. No – I didn’t eat all. For some strange reason, I felt full that night. 😦

Pumpkin soup. See? It’s still yellow!

Cute salad presentation. I almost thought it was a ham slice there (it’s a tomato actually).

Yummy refrigerator chocolate cake. Perfect dessert! And look! Cute cone-shaped marshies.

Guests can load up on these sweets (in short, take out galore) as the thoughtful couple had paper bags ready by the buffet table. So yes, I hoarded on jelly beans and marshmallows for Joey. Too bad the M&Ms were gone by the time I realized we can take them home.
Mojitos from the mobile bar

my 2nd glass of alcohol for the night
The happy couple. Love Barb’s gown. 😀

And of course, what event is complete without the requisite photo booth souvenir? 😛
Best wishes to Barb and Mark!

Daily Fashion: Purple

Hubby and I went to a friend’s wedding the other day (more on that later). The invite said formal so I decided to wear a long dress. I usually just wear one of my cocktail dresses from Tyler when I attend weddings but it’s rare that I figured it would be nice to wear something else. 🙂
And then I realized that I don’t have a long dress – I had to scour the Makati malls to find one on such short notice. I did find several nice ones but they were so expensive and I didn’t want to spend too much on a dress I will only wear once (I don’t foresee any event in the near future that would require me to wear a long dress) so where did I go? 
Yup, I went to that place where they got it all for me: SM!
hubby and me; purple dress from SM. Ring, Aldo; necklace, earrings, Accessorize; shoes, Charles and Keith. Make up by me using Shiseido and Smashbox stuff.

Can you believe my cocktail ring actually costs more than my dress? Talk about value for money! Hahaha! I wanted to wear a yellow dress but couldn’t find one in my size so I ended up with purple. Anyway, it turned out to be a good thing as the motif was yellow and I would have looked like a part of the entourage.
On our way to the reception, I changed my mind about using gold-tone accessories and changed into silver ones to match my bag and shoes. I know it’s a little too matchy but I think the end result turned out okay.
Necklace, Accessorize; earrings, Silverworks

Look! Yellow! Bag, Accessorize
Shoes, Charles and Keith

Trivia: One my biggest frustrations at our own wedding was not using yellow as our motif. Hubby had vehemently vetoed the idea – telling me our entourage would look like walking bananas, so I had to make do with rainbow hues. This is actually the first wedding I attended which had a yellow motif so I almost died of envy.

Kutz and Ernan’s Wedding: 070211

I am a sucker for weddings – I love seeing the gown of the bride and the entourage and I always feel blessed that my friends would want me there. 
This time, it was for my friend Kutz’s 2nd wedding. Yes, you read that right: 2nd. What can I say? They just love each other so much they had to do round 2.

The very lovely couple

What can I say, this wedding was impeccably planned. Now it’s confirmed: Kutz is a control/neat freak. Hahaha. Anyway,the church ceremony was already halfway when I got there (fine, I overslept having done some OT work the night before, and couldn’t figure out what to wear). I would have hit myself if I missed it. I’m not really in favor of those who go straight to the reception – it’s just tacky and you look like you’re just in it for the food. I would rather miss the reception but not the church ceremony. But to each his own. 🙂
But boy, the food was great. And the thoughtful couple that they are, guests were served cocktails while they had their photo shoot at the church. Wasn’t able to snap pics of the cocktails though as my hands were full with my glass and hors d’oeuvre. Hahaha!
Scattered around the garden of Blue Leaf were select photos from their prenup shoot, which had a John & Yoko theme. I have to say, this is very creative and the concept was very well executed. I can’t even remember any friends of mine having themed prenups (I personally wanted to have a fairytale theme for our own, complete with floral crowns and wings and garden-y scenes but Ipe would obviously not have approved) so this is a first and I just keep looking back at their prenup album. And note that they didn’t even go far as the pics were taken right in their neighborhood. 🙂

 Of course, my friends and former colleagues from my previous employer  had to take advantage of the location and had our own photoshoot.

This was supposed to be a Temptation Island thing but I guess we were too smiley-faced for it to work

Cute: our seat assignments are themed as well. Our table was the yellow submarine.

Once inside, I just had to take pictures of the centerpiece. The pastel colors of the flowers (which were I think similar to what the bridal bouquet had) reminded me again of our own wedding – my entourage had worn pink/green/blue/yellow dresses because I couldn’t settle on just one color (actually, Ipe had vetoed yellow, saying our entourage would look like overgrown bananas) and I just love pastels. And surprise, surprise! We have eggs on our table! We later learned these eggs symbolized Kutz and her siblings and that they have now hatched and left the nest. Nice touch! I almost thought we were supposed to eat the eggs or have a game with it or something.

I purposely did not take too many shots of food lest I get scolded again for eating way too much lately so I settled for just one shot, and this just proves I didn’t eat too much considering that the food was oh so yummy (by K Cunanan who also catered my friend Gelle’s wedding three months ago):

I loved so many of the details about this wedding but perhaps the most is how laid-back the atmosphere was and how everyone seemed to know everyone and are close to the couple. Even though the guest list was long, it still felt intimate to me and the speeches were some of the best I’ve heard at weddings. And I am just speechless at their opening number,  their own, live rendition of Come What May from Moulin Rouge, which is like, one of my favorite duets ever! And how cool was it that they got the lead of Alamid as their emcee? 🙂
Ok, I’ll stop gushing now. Like I said, I just love me some weddings. Best wishes, Kutz and Ernan! 🙂

Gelle and Joey’s Wedding: 032011

Just got home from the very lovely wedding of Gelle and Joey. I’ve actually been looking forward to this for quite some time as I  think I haven’t seen the two of them since I was in SG almost two years ago, though of course, Gelle and I have managed to keep ourselves updated through YM and email. And I know she’s been planning for this perfect day and I can’t help it – her excitement is contagious and I just basically love weddings!
Loved the food: prawns, carrot rice, beef and lechon, and lots of dessert!

Loved the details:
Loved the bride’s gown (and the entourage):

With P&G friends:
I was a reader during the mass and was told by the coordinator that tube tops are not allowed – you need a shawl, if ever. So panic set in the day before the wedding when I realized that I had nothing to wear as all my dresses are tubes! Ended wearing the only dress I could find in my closet that would fit the requirement. Whew!
dress, Promod; pearl necklace, ring and bag, Accessorize; earrings, Parfois; sandals, Charles and Keith

I loved the couple’s entrance number for the reception. I’ve seen a lot of these on youtube and I know a lot who would have loved to attempt it (I actually attempted it but Ipe put his foot down; my high school best friend Mheng pulled it off in their wedding although only the groom sang) but this one is really touching and funny at the same time. It’s a good thing I had my cellphone video on ready, surprisingly, and was able to record it:
I loved the on-site wedding video – the best I’ve seen so far. Even Ipe was impressed and he’s usually suplado when giving out praises. 

A very beautiful wedding – I almost wanted to cry during the father/daughter and mother/son dance and the parents’ speeches. 
Best wishes to you, Gelle and Joey!

I Love Weddings

Who doesn’t? You get to witness two people bind themselves together in love being the most important reason, weddings are also the perfect place to meet old friends and play dress up. 🙂
For our friend Leah’s wedding, Joey was picked to be the coin bearer, but unfortunately, he ripped the barong while we were fitting it so we had to make an emergency purchase the day before the wedding.
Nice discovery is Market Market’s fitting room. The kids’ one is painted to look like trains, houses, parks, and Joey like the fire station one so we settled for that one. Plus the rooms are so big – the three of us fit inside without bumping. And that’s a feat. Haha.
Spent half a day watching our own wedding video, trying to coach Joey on how to walk down the aisle – it’s his first time to attend a wedding and he’s part of the entourage so I was doubly worried he’d mess up. And he almost did; good thing he changed his mind at the last minute and gamely walked.
The newlyweds with the kids (see Joey, being carried by no less than the bride, hehe, that little brat):
After the ceremony, we all headed to the Glass Garden. Nice place and fully air-conditioned. 😛 A very good thing it was a covered place since it rained very hard during the reception. Imagine if we were out in the open – that would have been a bride’s nightmare. As it is, we enjoyed catching up with old Varsi friends which we continued with coffee after at High Street. 😛
top: Varsitarian friends; Ipe and me; V-friends Paul and Lyn; with my bff, Noreen